Zbigniew Pisarski – Co-Chair, Warsaw Security Forum & President of the Board, Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Poland


Mariusz Błaszczak – Minister of National Defence, Poland

Nicolae Ciucă – Minister of National Defence, Romania

Kalle Laanet – Minister of Defence, Estonia

Olivera Injac – Minister of Defence, Montenegro

Moderation: Ali Aslan – International TV Presenter and Journalist

Alessandro Profumo – CEO of Leonardo, Italy

Tim Cahill – Senior Vice President, Lockheed Martin, USA

Paul W. Jones – Vice President International Government Relations, Raytheon Technologies & Ambassador to Poland (2015-2018), USA

Małgorzata Darowska – Plenipotentiary of the Minister of Infrastructure for UAV (2019-2021), Poland

Brig. Gen. (R.) Adam Duda – Head of Armament Inspectorate, Poland (2015-2016)

Greg Melcher – COO, New Generation Warfare Centre, USA

Yurii Punda – General Director, Defense Policy Directorate, Ministry of Defense, Ukraine

Moderation: Jerzy Aleksandrowicz – Research Fellow, Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Poland

Matteo Bisceglia – Director, OCCAR-EA, Italy

Jadwiga Emilewicz – Member of Parliament, Deputy Prime Minister (2020), Poland

Marek Niedużak –  Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Economic Development, Labour and Technology, Poland

Col. Andrea Truppo – General Manager, Eurofighter Program for Kuwait, Joint International Program Office, Italy

Moderation: Paulina Zamelek – Research Fellow, Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Poland

Gen. (R) Philip M. Breedlove – Supreme Allied Commander Europe, NATO (2013-2016), USA

Brig. Gen. Andreas Delp – Air Force Command, Germany

Gen. (R) Vincenzo Camporini  – Chief of the Defence General Staff (2008-2011), Italy

Lt. Gen. Tadeusz Mikutel – First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Poland

Col. (R) Krystian Zięć – Expert, Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Poland

Moderation: Tomasz Smura – Director of Research Office, Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Poland




Jacek Sasin – Deputy Prime Minister of Poland

Brig. Gen. Kazimierz Dyński – Commander, 3rd Air Defence Brigade, Poland

Lt. Gen. (R) Ben Hodges – Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies, Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), USA

Col. Michał Marciniak – Plenipotentiary for the Wisła Program, Poland

Radoslava Stefanova – Head, Integrated Air and Missile Defence Section, NATO

Moderation:  Marek Świerczyński – Head of Security and International Affairs Desk, Polityka Insight, Poland

RAdm. Krzysztof Jaworski – Commander, Maritime Component Command, Poland

Reuben Johnson – Defence technology analyst and political affairs correspondent, USA

RAdm. Jarosław Ziemiański – Inspector of the Navy, Poland

Moderation: Beata Górka-Winter – University of Warsaw, Poland

Janusz Cieszyński –  Secretary of State for Digitalisation, Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Poland

Col. Mariusz Chmielewski – Deputy Director, National Cyber Security Centre, Poland

Robert Kośla – Director, Department of Cybersecurity, Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Poland

Marcin Krasuski – Government Affairs and Public Policy Manager, Google, Poland

Anett Numa – Digital Transformation Adviser, e-Estonia Briefing Centre, Trade and Innovation Centre, Enterprise Estonia, Estonia

Justyna Orłowska – Plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister for Govtech, Poland

Moderation:  Wanda Buk – Vice President of the Management Board, PGE Group, Poland

Lt. Gen. Andreas Marlow – Commander of 1 German-Netherlands Corps in Münster, Germany

Phillip A. Petersen – President. New Generation Warfare Centre, USA

Gen. (R) David Petraeus – Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (2011-2012), USA

Lt. Gen. Tomasz Piotrowski – Commander, Armed Forces Operational Command, Poland

Brig. Gen. (R) Dariusz Wroński – Commander of the 1st Aviation Brigade, Poland

Moderation: Anna Maria Anders – Ambassador to Italy, State Secretary in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister (2016-2019), Poland