Media Patronage

Rzeczpospolita is one of the most widely read and frequently quoted daily newspapers in Poland, with an audience including business leaders, professors and politicians. It is known for presenting current economic information and political analysis.

TVN24 Biznes i Świat (TVN24 Bussines and World) is a new Polish, 24/7, TV station, informating about global and national economy and also about world events and international affairs. It is known from its ones of the best programmes about contemporary world affairs and crises.

Polish Press Agency (PAP) is the one of the largest trusted news sources in Poland, contributing to other major media outlets’ coverage of global events. Established in 1918, under the name Polish Telegraphic Agency, PAP is still is among the most highly regarded sources of information in Poland. is a Polish news website covering defense and security affairs. The analists writing for this website are experienced in the field of security. It has also the English language  version of a website –

Nowoczesna Armia (Modern Army) is a publication distributed with Rzeczpospolita, it is therefore the most widely circulated Polish newspaper about security and defence matters. The publication focuses on security issues, the technical needs of contemporary armies, the defence industry and other issues associated with defence policy.

Polskie Radio (Polish Radio) is Poland’s national radio service. It broadcasts on several stations, including PR24 and Jedynka (news and information), Trójka and Czwórka (musicand entertainment) and Dwójka (culture). Polskie Radio also has a foreign language station called External. This provides broadcasts in English, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian. Polskie Radio was established in 1925 and has been broadcasting continuously since then, with the exception of the Second World War period.

Polska Zbrojna (Armed Poland) is a monthly magazine concerning topics of interest to soldiers and the military. These topics include international security, national strategy, and strategies of war, both modern and historic. Polska Zbrojna is issued by the Polish Army and is written by both military and civilian personel.

The Warsaw Voice is the first-of-its-kind, English-language magazine issued monthly in Poland.  Since its establishment in 1988, the mission of its writers has been to provide reliable, objective and up-to-date information about Polish issues to English-speakers living in Poland and abroad. 

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