The Warsaw Security Forum is honoured to be supported and cooperate with its strategic partner, the National Security Bureau (BBN). The National Security Bureau is a body providing aid and support to the President of the Republic of Poland in executing security and defence tasks. It fulfils the tasks entrusted by the President related to the security and defence matters. They result from the role of the President as the supreme representative of the Republic of Poland and the guarantor of the continuity of the State authority, responsible for ensuring observance of the Constitution, safeguarding sovereignty and security of the State as well as inviolability and integrity of its territory. The Bureau’s tasks result also from the constitutional function of the President who is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. The National Security Bureau is the Strategic Partner of the Warsaw Security Forum since its first edition in 2014. Actual Head of the National Security Bureau, Minister Paweł Soloch will participate in this year’s event and share Poland’s opinion on contemporary security and defence matters.