Introduction to Warsaw Security Forum

Today’s world, at the onset of the XXI century, faces perpetual challenges and threats that are referred to as the current global security crisis. Ongoing conflicts in various regions, constantly surging level of migration, border violations and enmity between political groups, portray ineptitude in solely comprehending these challenges, that leads to an indolent manner in preventing them. One entangled in this tense global political situation cannot focus on creating reasonable policies due to different needs and views of each state in regards to defence and security. Today’s world needs a collective response to its most significant issues.

Warsaw Security Forum is a platform for presidents, prime ministers, ministers, high government officials and experts addressing above mentioned issues by facilitating the debate about security amongst EU and NATO states as well as creating common responses to threats.

The first edition of Warsaw Security Forum was a big unknown. The idea of establishing a concrete place, for high level state representatives and experts to discuss most prominent security matters was quite a challenge. The strive to stimulate states to co-create safety in Europe and to foster the idea of approaching the risks collectively confirmed the need for creating such a platform.

The WSF from the very beginning decided not to be the biggest or the most prominent conference on security but to be the most decisive one for government officials, where the EU and NATO countries  an opine and evaluate earlier undertaken commitments and provide recommendations to  forthcoming challenges and threats. WSF2015 as the second edition brought more participants, more discussion panels, and more institutional as well as academic and media partners. It has also deepened the conversation between security policy decision makers and experts in Europe.

At the time of writing, the Warsaw Security Forum Organising Committee has announced the 2016 edition to be held on the 26th – 28th of October. The upcoming edition is predicted to be at least as good as WSF 2014 and 2015 editions, gathering more well renown experts and prominent high level government officials.

The value of a regional perspective on global issues

Europe is in a critical position at the moment.Stuck in an ongoing security crisis, it has to handle its internal issues in regards to potential Brexit, uncertainty of the Euro-zone, radicalisation of domestic policies and rise of illiberalism among its own states as well as increasing migration raising the expenditures on refugees settling. In the nearest European neighbourhood various crises are present like, instability in Ukraine and North Africa or war in Syria destabilizing the Middle East region, posing imminent threat to our defence and safety.

Permanent discussion and persistent collective response are significant for our region. Due to Poland’s geopolitical position, it is a perfect location to bear the burden of hosting all EU and NATO states representatives to establish a common defence and security policy. Poland is affected by a wide range of security challenges which derive from West to East and form North to South. Therefore, WSF addresses issues of diverse regions.