The Wargaming Studies and Simulations Program at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation are directly related to the national security, geo-strategy and art of war. The Wargaming exercises especially help in the development of a regional and NATO’s understanding of the nature of the Russian military threat to the Baltic States and Poland.

Based on this, many experts, in particular, those present during the War Game organized by the Pulaski Foundation in January 2017, agree that the simulation is to a higher extent important regarding the issue of Poland’s security. They believe the exercise could bring potentially valuable outcomes to the country, particularly, when taking into account that it closely reflects a highly complicated security environment in the Central and Eastern European region, the Middle East and the Pacific.

As in comparison to earlier organized Wargaming exercise in Poland, the upcoming Game is improved in many senses. Par excellence, the upcoming Wargaming simulation will include more strategic details and those that are needed in order to approximate the Game to the realistic situation on the battlefield. This time, more of the essential factors are included to the Game too.

Read, why the War Game organized by the Pulaski Foundation is so important for NATO:


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