Today, the Casimir Pulaski Foundation hosted a press meeting regarding the upcoming War Game «The Air-Land battle on NATO’s Eastern Flank». The attendees of the meeting were President of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Zbigniew Pisarski, Vice-President of the Potomac Foundation, Phillip Petersen, and Director of the Wargaming Studies and Simulations Programme at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Jacek Bartosiak.

At the meeting, the purpose and challenges of the War Game were discussed, where Mr. Pisarski emphasized, at the moment, this is the only game of its type organized in Poland. Mr. Petersen continued that the first War Game, organized in Poland in January this year, was more of a geo-strategic nature. It was more of the event for generals, and one of such was General Philip Breedlove.

The upcoming War Game, however, is somewhat different in the sense that it is an operational tactical game focused on contemporary issues. This game will be more realistic with many more details taken into account, such as changing weather, epidemics, so on. «We are going to start this game with most of the fightings in the Baltic states completed. …. We are going to have an adaptation to the Grushevski plan, [a 1920s] plan of Russian invasion to Poland», said Dr. Philip Petersen. The players of «The Air-Land battle on NATO’s Eastern Flank» will include colonels from Norway, Sweden, Gemany, Latvia, Lithuania, etc. «This time, we are trying to bring people that are not experts … [in order] to have practical experience», adds Mr. Petersen. «[But] there is one exception: we are bringing back General Tennant. Thus, we got an amazing tool and group of people here … to examine how shoud it (the War Game) be organized and used to the greatest advantage of the maneuver forces». Dr. Petersen stressed, at the game it is planned to find a way to defeat Russia’s 1st Guard Tank Army, 2nd Guard Army, and, it seems that in May, the 1st Tank Army.

Jacek Bartosiak, as a specialist on the Wargaming Studies, in turn, elaborated more on the methodology of the game. «This is a tool for testing different concepts of war … with real geography … and real forces. This is not about finding answers, but about having a list of challenges to be solved later on», said Mr. Bartosiak. He also added, the War Game will test Polish Territorial Defense Forces’ potential. Moreover, as such, the event will be divided onto two main parts, the first part being the table-talks, and later on proceeding to operational tactical part via the HEGEMON platform with real computer fighting. «This game is opening for us a horizon of thinking about solutions», concluded Mr. Bartosiak.


Stay tuned! The War Game is starting tomorrow.