The last day of the HEGEMON War Game “The Air-Land Battle on NATO’s Eastern Flank” had begun with the Turn Four Brief Out, and proceeded to the Ministerial Brief, where the key outcomes of the game were discussed. Zapad issues were touched again, as well as the talk upon Russia’s new generation warfare took place among the participants of the game. Closer to the mid-day, press-conference took place with the participation of President of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Zbigniew Pisarski, Vice-President of the Potomac Foundation, Phillip Petersen, and Director of the Wargaming Studies and Simulations Programme at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Jacek Bartosiak. Gentleman shortly described the game itself, summarized the results revealing few major points, and shared with press their general impression about the event.

“The war lasts over 30 days, starting from the Baltics. The ARC is mobilizing to the west from the Vistula River. … Polish Territorial Defence Forces (TDF) are mobilizing too. … The battle was happening on the lakes. … This is, how we started the game”, described scenario of the War Game Mr. Bartosiak. “This game was the 1st to actually include the Air Battle”, added Mr. Petersen.

Further on, Mr. Bartosiak stated, this game is to help the Baltic States in potential conflict. He says, the situation in the game looked very realistically from the point of view of intensiveness of the forces. “The HEGEMON differs from another games: … the absence of human factor. … This gives the objective vision of the situation”, Mr. Pisarski, the President of the Pulaski Foundation. He adds: “We, in Poland, are learning what to do with those or another forces. … That’s why we invited foreign guests to see their thought and experiences, to see how they look at the situation”.

Elaborating more on the purposes of the game, Mr. Petersen stressed: “The general step is to face the problems and exercise them, especially with Zapad on the horizon. … Simulation is not designed to give you answers, but to give questions: why didn’t we think about this earlier? …  It is helping real people, who have their responsibilities, to think what will they do [in one or another situation]”. “This game is showing you the mechanism: … How will the ARC act and if is it able to fight  the opposition forces?”, continues Dr. Bartosiak, and adds that the War Game has proven “defensive forces must cooperate closely with the operational forces” for the better efficiency of the actions.

At the end, Dr. Petersen thanked the Casimir Pulaski Foundation for letting the game happen, and concluded: “We have to plan for defending Europe, so we have to start re-learning the position of forces”.


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