The second day of the HEGEMON War Game “The Air-Land Battle on NATO’s Eastern Flank” has concluded, and it is a time to summarize the results of today.

The day started with the Brief Out of the Turn Two, and proceeded to the Turn Three and Turn Four. It must be said that the game was pretty productive today, not only in the sense of results achieved via computer fightings, strategies deployed there and so on, however, as well in the sense of understanding and accepting the threat coming from the East. Talking to some of the participants and observers of the War Game, it must be noted that such type of events are very needed, especially in Poland. As said Mrs. Edyta Franczuk from Technical Institute of the Air Forces, “in Polish Public Area, there is a lack of debates with the participation of “big names” from the field of military strategy, regarding this part of Europe. There is a need for exchange of experiences”. Indeed, taking into account the present security issues, in particular, Zapad 2017 exercises that are taking place quite close to the border with Poland, those kind of War Games are very recommended as a tool to think about the defense strategy. They help to “determine what type of army and equipment nation requires to meet their security concerns”, says participant of the game Mr. Terry Jamison. Although, as said Dr. Reiner Huber, the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich, the emphasis must be put on realizing the threat to Poland and NATO, but not in any way provoking any kind of fighting: “We don’t want to fight Russia. … This is just a mean of practicing the procedures”.

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