The first day of the HEGEMON War Game “The Air-Land Battle on NATO’s Eastern Flank” came to the end, and it is a time to make a short summary. 

The morning discussion began with the introduction by President of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Zbigniew Pisarski, and Vice-President of the Potomac Foundation, Phillip Petersen. During the introduction, participants of the event were given the instructions and the background of the game. Proceeding to the Turn One, discussion intensified. Teams were worthy, which provoked more and more pressure in the room.

Closer to the middle of the day, a while after Dr. Reiner Huber, from the German University of Armed Forces, handled the presentation to other participants of the event, Dr. Phillip’s Petersen presentation followed: “Zapad exercises: 1977-2017”. “Zapad exercises are happening a year before every new military doctrine”, explains Dr. Petersen the periodicity of Russia’s organized exercises. According to the words of Dr. Petersen, Zapad exercises that took place during the Soviet times were only to develop the military structure, but those that followed after the USSR collapsed, have been already reflecting changes in the structure. “They want tactical commanders to do decisions”, concluded on Zapad Mr. Petersen.

The day finished with the general remarks and summary of the accumulated information. The Turn Two and Three will take place tomorrow, so stay tuned and follow us in Social Media channels.

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