Project Description

Victoria has got MSc and PhD in Foreign Policy and World History, Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine.

Currently, Victoria is a Team Lead for the ANP-NATO Reform Initiative within the PROTECT, supporting the Government of Ukraine with technical advice on the Annual National Programs, Results-Based Methodology and GBA+ principles.

She is also an Associate Professor and Researcher. She is working on the challenges of the European Union, Euro-Atlantic integration, hybrid warfare, strategic communication collaborating with such educational institutions as Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University as well as with “European Pravda”, “Livyy Bereh” journals. She is being a teacher for 15 years working with various Universities and institutions.

Victoria is one of the key experts on Italy’s foreign policy in Ukraine and Associate Expert for Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”. During COVID-19, she was heading the research team to analyze the pandemic challenges on the political narratives in the Western and Central Europe. The result is presented in two research papers “Pandenomics of Europe” and “COVID-19 Pandemics in the EU countries”.

She used to be one of the Board Member for Professional Governmental Association (PGA, 2018-2020)  which aims to enhance Ukraine’s governance system by providing advisory support to the governmental institutions. Within PGA, Victoria was the Chair for the Project ‘Culture Code: Transforming organizational culture in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Georgia)’.