Project Description

Agon Turkaj

Agon Turkaj is a resident medical specialist in the field of gastroenterology in the ER (emergency room) as part of the anti-COVID support staff, financed by the World Bank.
In the face of rapid social and economic change in Europe, democracies are struggling. The World we live in needs positive change, to develop with new circumstances and generate new ideas. As a young and well-educated citizen, Agon truly believes we can make small but meaningful contributions to our communities, societies and countries. Mr. Turkaj has done so by continuing his post-graduate education and creating a platform for change and growth by applying knowledge gained to advance the systemic of the development of Kosovo.
This includes youth-volunteer initiatives in Kosovo, EDYN (European Democracy Youth network) and service as a member of the organizing chamber for Kosovo. EDYN brings together young people under the age of 32 who are committed to advancing and sustaining democratic values through their political and civic activities. Additionally, Mr. Turkaj volunteered in the Youth Council of the U.S Embassy where he contributes on projects for people with disabilities and gives lectures on Medicine as part of study a program for senior high-school students focused on career education. Mr. Turkaj also volunteers on projects such as the Youth Film fest and the Anti-Litter campaign.

Additionally, Mr. Turkaj took part in the “Start the Sparkle” GLOW initiative (Girls Leading Our World), a campaign for female empowerment and supporting feminism in Kosovo. Mr. Turkaj is an Albanian tutor for members of the Peace Corps Kosovo, helping them learn Albanian.