Project Description

Bojan Stojkovski

North Macedonia

Bojan Stojkovski has been working as a professional journalist for more than a decade, beginning his career in North Macedonia-based TV such as TV Channel 5 and 24 News Channel, and currently working for the first Macedonian private News Agency Makfax, established in 1992. During the last several years, Stojkovski has also been reporting as a correspondent from the Balkans for global English-speaking news outlets, such as Foreign Policy, Haaretz, and the Wall Street Journal.
Based in Skopje, North Macedonia, but frequently traveling around the Balkan region and EU countries, Stojkovski has been covering issues related to technology, science, foreign policy, and the European integration of the countries from the Western Balkans region.
Stojkovski is a Thomson Reuters and Robert Bosch Alumni from 2016 and has participated in the Digital Communication Network exchange in United States in 2018. He has reported from several EU Summits in the last few years, while also covering developments relating to Brexit, Korean missile crisis, Ukraine crisis and post-war societies in countries from the former Yugoslavia.