Project Description

Paweł Fleischer

Fleischer Consulting, Poland

Paweł Fleischer is a long-standing professional within the defence and space sector
from Poland. At the very beginning of his career he worked for the Bumar Group, the
largest Polish armaments company (the predecessor of the Polish Armaments Group).
Afterwards he worked as an analyst for security and defence in one of the leading
private analytical centres in Poland – Polityka Insight.

For over 5 years Paweł has worked in the IT sector for key companies in Poland as a
business development manager for the defence and space sector, where he has been
involved in the implementation of projects for international institutions such as NATO,
European Space Agency, European Defence Agency and the defence industry. Since
2018, he has been an independent expert on European Defence Fund and Preparatory
Action on Defence Research projects for the European Commission.

In his early career, Pawel was a member of the Defense Planning Staff Team in the
NATO Defense Planning Cycle, on behalf of the Supreme Headquarters of Allied Powers
in Europe. For his activities in support of the NATO in 2016, he was awarded the NATO
Future Fellow by Atlantic Council. He is an active member of many national and
international organizations. In addition to Pawel’s professional work, he appears
regularly in the media as an expert on international security.

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