Project Description

Eva Nemčovská

Deputy Mayor of Trnava, Slovakia

PhDr. Eva Nemčovská, PhD. MPH, is a Deputy Mayor of Trnava since January 2019 with the focus on social affairs, education, culture and sports. Prior to her appointment she worked at the University of Trnava at the Department of Public Health. During her doctoral studies, she completed a semester at the University of Iowa, Iowa, USA. Ms. Nemčovská has extensive experience in public health, management, and several international / European projects targeting disadvantaged groups. She is still actively participating as a volunteer at the Koburgovo Center for marginalized Roma community in Trnava with focus on health awareness and education. As a Deputy Mayor, Eva Nemčovská is in direct contact with the citizens of Trnava, always trying to find a solution and does not consider “problems” unsolvable.