Project Description

Liliana Filip is an international relations and international security analyst, being the founder and president of the Political Research Group, a NGO where she is conducting international projects focused, as topics, on political leadership, the role of political parties in our democracies, political systems, government affairs, military affairs, defence industry and security studies.

After completing specialized courses at the Oberammergau NATO School and participating in training programs for NATO education and training entities, she is a NATO expert for quality assurance management in education.

She is also a PhD candidate at the Doctoral School of the National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest, where, under the guidance of Professor Ioan Mircea Paşcu, conducts a research on “The Forms of International Interventions after 9/11”.

Her publications and interventions in national and international conferences have often referred to the international security, transatlantic relations, european affairs, conflict analysis, political systems as well as military affairs.