Project Description

Dr. Pavel Felgenhauer is a Moscow-based defence analyst and columnist in “Novaya Gazeta.”

Mr. Felgenhauer published numerous articles on topics dealing with Russian foreign and defense policies, military doctrine, arms trade, military-industrial complex.

In July 2006 after being more than six years an independent defense analyst, Mr. Felgenhauer joined the staff of “Novaya Gazeta.” He continues to provide regular comments on Russia’s defense-related problems to many other local and international media organizations. Additionally, since 2006 he is a weekly contributor to Jamestown Foundation Washington USA publication Eurasia Daily Monitor. Mr. Felgenhauer is a Jamestown Non-Resident Senior Fellow.

He has served as researcher and senior research officer in the Soviet Academy of Sciences (Moscow) and received his Ph.D. from the Soviet Academy of Sciences in 1988.

Pavel Felgenhauer

Defense Analyst, Novaya Gazeta, Russia