Project Description

Michael Callender

Head of the Aerospace Capabilities Section, NATO

Mr. Michael Callender is Head of Section, Aerospace Capabilities responsible for policy guidance, capability delivery, and cooperation in the air and space domains with a total systems approach in support of NATO core tasks, missions, and operations. These areas include aviation safety and security, air armaments, manned aircraft and remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), air traffic management (ATM), airfields, space and airspace integration, airworthiness, aeronautical systems, civil-military coordination, interoperability, and standardization. The Section acts as NATO’s primary interface with international aviation organizations, including the International Civil Aviation Organization, European Institutions (European Commission, European Air Safety Agency, Eurocontrol), the US Federal Aviation Administration, the International Air Transport Association, and others. Previously, Mr. Callender worked in the private sector as Director, Special Projects for Boston Fusion, a small research and development firm focused on cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning. He served with the United States Air Force for 26 years which included various worldwide assignments. His final posting in Washington DC was as the Chief of Military and Civilian Aviation Integration Division serving as the Executive Director, Policy Board on Federal Aviation for the Department of Defense. Michael earned Masters’ Degrees in International Relations and in Systems Engineering and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematical Sciences. He is married to Anne Legrand from Lillois, Belgium. They have three children: Emilie (16 years old), Claire (14 years old), and Madeline (7 years old).