Project Description

Bilyana Lilly

Pardee fellow at the Pardee RAND Graduate School

Bilyana Lilly is a Pardee fellow at the Pardee RAND Graduate School at the RAND
Corporation. Lilly leads project teams and co-authors reports on Russian cyber threat
actors, information warfare, election cyber security, military mobilization, machine
learning for text analysis, nuclear capabilities, and NATO cybersecurity.

Prior to joining RAND, Lilly was an associate at the Brookings Institution where she
focused on U.S. security strategy, NATO’s policy toward emerging powers and populism
in Europe. She also worked at the Eurasia Foundation in Washington, D.C. where she
designed project monitoring and evaluation frameworks, and assessed the effectiveness
of development projects in Russia. She is the author of the book Russian Foreign Policy
Toward Missile Defense: Actors, Motivations, and Influence, which contains information
from talks that Lilly conducted with Russia’s deputy defense minister and deputy minister
of foreign affairs.

Lilly has master’s degrees in Russian and East European studies from Oxford University
(distinction) and in international affairs from the Graduate Institute of International and
Development Studies in Switzerland.