As the role of the external actors in the Belarus Crisis has become one of the main focus of media recently, it’s high time for our take on the ongoing events in Belarus. Listen to the fireside chat discussion between Bartlomiej Kot – Deputy Program Director of WSF and Pavel Havlicek – Czech expert on Eastern Europe, analyst in AMO.CZ and Rethink CEE Fellow of German Marshall Fund Brussels Office. Pavel – a frequent commentator for the Czech media – delivers his points of view on issues such as the EU role in the crisis, Russia’s interest/or lack of interest to support Lukashenko, and the V4 actions to support Belarus.

The discussion is a part of our preparation for the next edition of Warsaw Security Forum, as we are keeping track of the ongoing events via a set of virtually based events. #Road2WSF

Pavel Havlicek – Research Fellow of AMO Research Center. His research focus is on Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine and Russia and the Eastern Partnership. He also deals with questions of strategic communication and disinformation. Since June 2019, he has been working on a research project aimed at the EU support to the civil society sector as part of the Rethink.CEE Fellowship of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

Bartlomiej Kot – Deputy Program Director of Warsaw Security Forum, Junior Analyst in Foreign Policy Programme of Casimir Pulaski Foundation, where he has established his interest in modern transatlantic relations and their impact on European security, the V4 relations and Polish politics. In 2019 he was chosen to join Aspen CE Young Leaders – a group of emerging leaders from Central Europe. Member of Global Shapers Warsaw Hub – World Economic Forum global youth platform.