Chairman of the Board, WB Electronics

Chairman of the Board and shareholder of WB Electronics S.A. since the company has been established in 1998.
He was born in 1960 in Warsaw. Wojciechowski graduated from Electronics Faculty of Electronics at the Technical University of Warsaw in 1984 specialized in automation of measuring processes. He also completed 5-year studies on Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the same university in 1986, specialized in microprocessor systems applied for energy processes automation. 
Professional career: Wojciechowski was a plenipotentiary of PZ EMCO (Płock region) in 1984-1989, then he owned a private electronic workshop associated at MOTGOS Craftsmen Cooperative. Between 1992 and 2001 he was Chairman of the Managing Board of WG Electronics s.c. which was established as a successor of the private workshop. In 1998 Wojciechowski has been appointed the Chairman of the Managing Board of WB Electronics sp. z o.o (Ltd.). Wojciechowski during his professional career has developed about 100 of products in electronics and IT and participated in numerous project concerning army modernisation, including development of the complex command and control (C4I) systems.
WB Electronics led by him has been converted from a limited liability company into a joint stock company in 2010. The company has gained reputation as a reliable defence technology supplier having customers in Poland and over a dozen countries worldwide. Since 2010 Wojciechowski started formation of WB Group, a group of subsidiary companies of WB Electronics. WB Group consists today of the five following enterprises: WB Electronics, Radmor, Flytronic, Arex and MindMade.

Wojciechowski was awarded the silver and bronze Medal of Merit for National Defence and Commemorative Medal of Missile and Artillery Forces. Wojciechowski also ranked 2nd in the pending season’s Poland’s Bowling Cup competition.