We are proud to confirm official patronages by the Ministry of Digital Affairs, Ministry of Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation and Ministry of the Interior and Administration which declared their support for the most important security conference in the region.  The mission of the Ministry of Digital Affairs is to create a digital boost for the development of Poland. The main tasks of the new ministry are to develop broadband infrastructure, support the creation of web content and e-services and promote digital competences among citizens. Digitization is also key to modern administration. Ministry of Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation has been established by the government of Republic of Poland in December 2015. All actions undertaken by this institution focus on maritime economy, fishery and inland navigation as well as on the security on a sea and the Ministry of the Interior and Administration is an administration structure controlling main administration and security branches of the Polish government. The Ministry is responsible for the general interior security of the country, with respect to criminal acts or natural catastrophes as well as citizenship’s and minorities’ issues, international cooperation etc.