This year Warsaw Security Forum will consist of some new and interesting features, which distinguish the 2017 edition from the previous ones. One of such features is three major side tracks, so-called a general direction of the discussion: Global Outlook track, Security track, and Defence track. The tracks are included on both days of the program and mostly cover the breakout sessions.

First of all, regarding the Global Outlook Track, its mission is to discuss major global trends in the political, social, and economic realms. The discussion will mainly take place during five breakout sessions on the topic of the track, engaging decision-makers, experts, and civil society stakeholders in a talk about how current global trends can and will impact states, institutions, and whole societies.

Following this, the Security Track focuses on security challenges in a comprehensive sense, and it also covers five breakout sessions. Primarily, it discovers and discusses security issues in the region and then beyond it, and by its nature concentrates on the state, human, and economic security issues.

Last, but not least, is the Defence Track! It is dedicated to stakeholders interested in the defence and military industry and aims to guide and enhance participants’ experience related to the hard defence issues. Three breakout sessions, six executive defence industry workshops, and other side events such as roundtables and press-briefings will take place under the Defence Track umbrella.

More news on the newly introduced features of the Warsaw Security Forum 2017 are coming soon!