On its path to the Warsaw Security Forum 2017 there was a series of three seminars on the topic of technological solutions and combat capacities of the conventional submarines offered to Poland under the “Orka” Program organised between March and June.

The Tri-seminarium aimed to present technological solutions and the expertise of navies of the NATO and the European Union countries that are utilizing conventional submarines. Each seminar was devoted to experiences and systems operating in third countries. Following in March – the German navy, in May – the French navy and in June – the Swedish navy.

The first seminar was devoted to the discussion of the experience of Germany on submarines. Commander-in-Chief of the submarine component of the German navy, Lars Johst, presented the capacity of U-212 submarines used by the German navy and their position in the defence system of the state. Dimitros Angelopoulos, the former Greek navy submarine commander, contributed with the experience from the Greek perspective, which also uses submarines with German origins. Besides, Holger Isbrecht, the chief engineer on German submarines, presented the technical details of the U-212 and German TKMS in the “Orka” program.

The second seminar which was organized upon the French Navy within the scope of submarine use and key elements of DCNS offer to the Polish procurement program of conventional submarines. Both the presentations and the discussion were focusing mainly on the operational use of submarines by France. It was emphasized that the use of submarines is connected to the huge number of issues. The most important ones are: automation and speed of decision implementation, proper training of the crews, independence in the maintenance of vessels through the whole life-cycle of the product and in operational use, level of detectability and construction endurance in the battle scenario. It was also depicted that mounting naval cruise missiles on submarines would change the balance of forces on Baltic Sea in favour of Poland.

The last seminar was organized from the perspective of the Swedish naval and its experience of the submarines usage. Fredrik Linden, Swedish Naval Commodore presented operational availability and interoperability with NATO’s submarine. While Hans Wicklander, Vice President of the SaaK Kockums explained the evolutionary approach to the submarine design.

After the Tri-seminarium, a report was written about particular solutions in both declassified and classified versions. The first one was published at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation website, while the second one will be sent to state’s centers, such as Ministry of Defence, National Security Bureau and National Defence Committee of Sejm and Senate of Poland.

Tri-seminarium received the honorary patronage from Mr. Michał Jach – the Chairman of the National Defence Committee of the Sejm an the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation.