Structure of the conference

The Warsaw Security Forum is a platform for the facilitation of experience exchange, that is organised in form of a conference. WSF is comprised of few fundamental elements such as:

Welcome remarks & Keynote address – opening speech by the Chairman of the Warsaw Security Forum followed by keynote speechs, by few of the most distinguished guests of the forum including the Head of the National Security Bureau or the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland.

Discussion sessions – all guests participate in this part. They discuss key issues for security. Plenary sessions gather around 300 guests while Panels accommodate between 50 and 150.

Journalists questions – after each discussion panel journalists are able to ask the panellists questions. WSF also supports dissemination of information, that enables journalists to interview guests and panellists.

Working breakfasts/lunches – held at mealtimes in specially organised dining rooms. The guests discuss designated topics in smaller groups, as the event is invitation only.

Gala Dinner – During the event invited guests have the opportunity to meet in a more intimate environment and talk freely about new security challenges and exchange their views. The event is enriched by an art performance and is invitation only.

Meet the defence industry – 30 minutes presentations of companies to the Warsaw Security Forum participants, included in the agenda.

Conversation with a special guest – this element for the first time appeared at the WSF2015. The guests were graced by the presence of Deputy Secretary General of NATO Ambassador Alexander Vershbow, who spoke about new challenges facing the Alliance, as well as the future of NATO. The cooperation between NATO and the EU in the fight against new threats were important topics during the conversation.

Security Beyond the Horizon sub-conference

This WSF side event gives the floor to our business partners. They will receive an opportunity not only to present their commercial offer and cutting edge technologies, but also their company values and philosophy during discussion panels prepared to suit them best.

Side events

Road to WSF – begins approximately 6 months before the WSF. This project is comprised of discussions, conferences and meetings with experts, ambassadors and public institutions which focus on the issues discussed during the Forum. Additionally, members of the Program Council prepare articles and analysis on the current security challenges to be discussed during the annual Forum. These works are published on the WSF website, as well as collected and printed. They are also handed out to the guests during the Warsaw Security Forum and sent out to representatives of the public administration and interested groups.

New Security Leaders – this project was created as an initiative of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation and the European Academy of Diplomacy as a WSF side event. The main aim of the New Security Leaders program (NSL) is to create a platform for cooperation and exchange of experiences for young future leaders, showing high potential, from think tanks, public administration and the world of science. NSL also promotes Polish and Central European views on key security challenges in the region and discusses three primary topics: Future of NATO and the EaP, cyber- warfare and energy security.