The Hegemon platform computer-based simulation game, called “The Air-Land Battle on NATO’s Eastern Flank”, is going to take place in Warsaw from 12th to 14th of September 2017. The War Game is organized by the Pulaski Foundation, in close cooperation with the Potomac Foundation. A special guest, in the person of the President of the Potomac Foundation Dr. Phillip A. Karber will be among the participants.

Dr. Phillip A. Karber is an internationally recognized authority on defense and national security matters, who has prepared studies and recommendations on defense strategy on the highest levels of the U.S. government. In particular, Dr. Karber served on the U.S. Army Science Advisory Board, and directed for Secretary of State Shultz “The Denuclearized World” study prepared for President Reagan in advance of his 1986 Reykjavik Summit with Mikhail Gorbachev. In the distant past, he was also a director of interagency study of U.S.-USSR multipurpose forces that produced the Pentagon’s standard comparative assessment for NATO and Warsaw Pact force development trends. Regarding Dr. Karber’s other career highlights, he was external advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and later on served as an advisor to NATO Secretary General Manfred Wӧrner.

As an academic, Dr. Karber is the founder of the University’s Asian Arms Control Project and a co-founder of Georgetown’s Machiavelli Seminar in Florence. Today, being a university professor, he teaches courses in national security and military affairs at the Georgetown University, the same institution where a while ago he earned his Ph.D. in international law.

In respect to Dr. Karber’s professional experience and achievements, his participation and potentially valuable contribution to the Wargaming simulation is of a great importance. “Together with the general Breedlove we believe that the preparation for the potential threat from Russia is extremely important for the Alliance and its front states”, writes Philip Karber in a statement to the War game, organized by the Pulaski Foundation and the Potomac Foundation, President of which he currently is. As such, the Potomac Foundation, which is an independent nonprofit research organization dedicated to improving the quality of public discourse and national policy formulation, is an essential partner of the Pulaski Foundation in organizing the Wargaming exercise. Particularly valued is the Potomac’s Foundation assistance to the Eastern European and former Soviet Union states in becoming integrated with the West through preparation and entry into NATO, where the Foundation has organized more than a thousand training sessions for leaders from these countries. In the meantime, the Potomac Foundation also made major efforts in the areas of Post-Cold War Defense Economics, National Industrial Competitiveness and China’s Military Rise.


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