As an integral part of this years’ Warsaw Security Forum (WSF 2019), Casimir Pulaski Foundation will hold a series of panels devoted to discussion and overview of the most pressing issues within the international security architecture, and military technology – the Defence Track. Focusing primarily on the hard aspects of international security, WSF’s defence track will comprise of four breakout sessions, held throughout the conference.

We live in a time of not a only rapid evolution of military technology and strategy, but also a time, where with increasing complexity comes increased instability and uncertainty regarding the future shape of international order. In the course of four breakout sessions, the Defence Track will provide the guests with an opportunity to discuss looming threats, as well as explore the potential avenues for cooperation.

Those phenomena are further compounded by the very vivid and ongoing debate surrounding not only the political and geopolitical realities NATO now finds itself in, but also the currently developing initiatives undertaken by the European Union, especially in the context of security and defense, and military cooperation. For those reasons, the Defense Track of the 2019 Warsaw Security Forum will focus extensively on the possible adjustments in structure, and in strategy of the NATO, as well as the pivotal issue of deterrence, especially in the context of a growing assertiveness of states lying beyond the Alliance’s Eastern Flank. Furthermore, with subject matters ranging from the advent of new military capabilities of the Russian Federation, future of air and missile defense systems in Central and Eastern Europe and the related prospect of enhancing the regional military-industrial cooperation in this field, this years’ WSF Defense Track will cover many of the key aspects pertinent to  international security and military cooperation in  Europe.

The Defense Track aims to bring the key policymakers, experts as well as military and public officials of the Transatlantic community together, in order to facilitate a forum for discussion and intellectual exchange in a sphere, where effective and fruitful interaction between those stakeholders is so critically needed.