While the open formats, such as plenary and breakout sessions serve as a backbone of the Warsaw Security Forum, the 2018 edition of the WSF will also include a set of a by-invitation only events, focused on presenting a more detailed and in-depth analysis of a wide range of phenomena, and directed at a narrow and handpicked audience.

Roundtables, Executive Dialogues, as well as Working Sessions aim to bring together key stakeholders – government officials, military-civilian experts, and business representatives, all in order to discuss specific and clearly defined issues, as well as prospective areas of public private partnership. These meeting  will take place in a closed setting, and unlike the break-out and plenary sessions will be held under the Chatham House rules.

Roundtable Sessions will offer a closer look into a wide range of phenomena, from the effect the onset of digital era will have on national security, through infrastructural projects in Central and Eastern Europe, wargaming and simulations, to matters of  geopolitics and geopolitical forecasting. During Roundtable Sessions policymakers, international experts, members of the academia, as well as military officials will look to engage in a constructive and stimulating dialogue in a private setting, and a limited audience.

Executive dialogues are designed to be a meeting place for high ranking government officials, as well as representatives of leading private and public institutions, NGO’s, prominent military and civilian experts, alongside top level representatives of the defence industry. With a strictly limited guest list, Executive Dialogues will aim to provide the key stakeholders with a detailed insight into issues of utmost importance in the field of security architecture, procurement plans and procedures, as well as rapidly evolving military technology and strategy.

In a similar fashion, the Working Sessions will be an opportunity for high level representatives of governments and leaders of the defence industry to explore the potential of public-private partnership, avenues for cooperation in the armed forces modernization efforts, and enhancing the information flow between the government and the defence sector. Working sessions are going to be held in an informal setting, with discussions taking place over lunch and breakfast.