9 Benefits of being volunteer during Warsaw Security Forum 2017


“One of the great ironies of life is this: He or

she who serves almost always benefits more

than he or she who is served.”

– Gordon Hinckle


If you are the volunteer during Warsaw Security Forum 2017 you will…



… get the insights of organising conferences, as the most interesting parts are usually hidden from the public eye.

… get the opportunity to connect with organisers, speakers as well as other attenders and honourable guests of the Warsaw Security Forum 2017 who are experts in international relations and security.

… get a chance to meet and talk with VIP you were following or getting motivation.

… participate in the professional workshop on the diplomatic protocol with Ambassador Piekarski.

… be networking with other volunteers, who develop, think, work, study in the similar spheres as you do.

… have an impact and feel as a person who contributes to the world of international security and foreign policy.

… you have an opportunity to advance your career and decide what you want to do in future.

… be also having a lot of fun with peers and organisers of the Warsaw Security Forum 2017.

… develop your professional skills and get the experience.


Warsaw Security Forum 2017 team is looking for the English-speaking volunteers interested in international relations, diplomacy, and security. Volunteers will be accompanying VIP guests during the transportation, answering their questions, help with the media coverage of the conference and aid media representatives, as well as assist with the registration postures and room assistance.


More information about the volunteering and the application form can be found HERE.